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Discover our most popular curtains, where quality merges with technology. At Innova, we offer high-quality materials like blackout fabrics and provide you with the option to make your curtains smart. Now you can control the light and privacy of your home with ease and style.

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Our service includes free consultation and visit.

Types of Fabrics

Our Types of Fabric

From elegant weaves to practical options, we have fabrics that will transform your space with style and functionality.


Perfect for eliminating unwanted light and reducing noise in any room.


With a variety of colors and textures, they are designed and manufactured with quality fabrics.


Our translucent fabrics are fresh, lightweight, and perfect for producing your curtains.

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Quality Products

You will find innovative and attractive design products, backed by excellent quality.

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Our service is customer-centric, offering support throughout the sales process, both before and after purchase.

Professional Experience

We aim to beautify your spaces with functional and aesthetically appealing solutions.




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Allan Solano
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..."The best choice in Costa Rica for home curtains and blinds. First-class service!"...
Lucia Madrigal
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..."The roller blinds they installed for me are super practical and complement my living room very well!"...

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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ section provides detailed answers to the most common inquiries about our products and services.

INNOVA's philosophy is based on personalized customer advisory. Since all our products are made to measure, we always require visiting the location to bring samples, take measurements, and advise the customer. This is why we do not have a product display location, but rather a group of advisors who visit the customer. If you like, we can coordinate a visit with one of our agents to advise you and provide a no-obligation quote.

Awnings, curtains, and blinds are quoted based on measurements. If you have them, we would appreciate it if you could send them to us so that we can provide you with an initial quote. Alternatively, we can arrange a meeting.

Most of our products come with a 1-year warranty on both the product, accessories, and installation.

Yes, however, if the customer handles the installation, the warranty does not apply.

If it's within the GAM, the visit is completely free. For more distant locations, it's negotiable with the customer.

Your Own Style

Curtains reveal a lot about your personality. First, they are an excellent way to add color and charm to your home decor. Second, they represent your style and taste.

More Than One Function

They are useful for much more than beautifying your home interiors; they also provide privacy and block light when you want to sleep in your room. Additionally, they have the power to truly transform a room; therefore, some well-chosen curtains can give your room a bright and interesting makeover. Consequently, they can improve your mood and even help relax your mind.

More Than Beautifying

Curtains help you enjoy your privacy while making a style statement. They also come in various sizes. Long curtains convey a sense of drama and luxury, stopping just before the floor. Therefore, short curtains can be used in kitchens where more natural light is needed. Next, there are room-darkening or blackout curtains; as their name suggests, they are designed to keep the room dark and are mainly used in bedrooms or television rooms, perfect for when you want to watch a movie or series on Netflix without interference from outside light. All this and more can be found at Innova.

Decorate any room with Innova Curtains

We offer a collection of exceptional window treatments you won't find anywhere else. Explore printed curtains, luxurious drapes, elegantly embroidered curtains, and more to make every room in your home feel unique and cozy.

The Most Important Thing

In addition to considering the palette, texture, and opacity of your curtains, remember: the most important function of a curtain is to filter the sun! Be sure to pay attention to your curtain's hardware. We have all kinds of hardware and possible combinations. Overall, we want to advise and help you make the best decision for your curtains.